Further reading

Here are some more bloggers who do a nice job with Russia subjects.

1. Home & Away narrates the double-expat experience in depth, and Anna has great photos. You’ll see some of them at AskSophie, used with permission, of course.

2. The Mendeleyev Journal has been providing informative writing on a huge range of Russian subjects since 2008. It’s well-researched and organized, and Jim recommends even more further reading on his page.

3. RusMania is a real travel guide to nearly everywhere in Russia. A partnership between a Russian and British author, they post their first-hand experiences traveling the country and provide travel tips, including a rating of how “English-friendly” the location is. RusMania takes travel questions for AskSophie.

4. A Plus Experience is written by an American expat mother in Moscow. Alison takes us through her experiences with food, family, and travel while based in the Russian capital.

5. Jeniffer Eremeeva is an award-winning author, Russian historian, and humor columnist. I especially appreciate the humor and daily life section on her blog, “celebrating incomparable Russia.” Also, check out her cooking section.

6. A Girl and Her Travels is a light-hearted take on travel by Polly, a writer who lived in Moscow from 2010-2014.

7. For German speakers, Wohlgemutskovo – Moskau im Block -so heißt der Blog der deutschen Autorin und Journalistin Silke Stuck. Sie kam vor zwei Jahren mit ihrer Familie aus Deutschland und beschreibt ihre Erfahrungen, auf Deutsch.


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