What are the best burgers in Moscow? -Alex

Alex, I have to give you this resource. Since burgers in Russia are usually not kosher, I don’t have first-hand experience. However, Anna Belkina has extensive exposure to this question and provides an answer here.

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Lumberjack Bar Burgers Moscow 6I know good burgers. Nearly two decades state-side will do that to a girl. So trust me when I tell you that Lumberjack has the best burgers in Moscow.

Moscow has no shortage of burger joints and I have tried plenty: from the relatively new-to-Moscow Shake Shack, to BB & Burgers (the first two Bs stand for Beer and Buns) – kind of an upscale fast food where they put cranberry preserves and guacamole on their beef, to the mid-range pub Corner Burger, to Goodman Steakhouse, where they charged nearly $30 (pre-ruble crash) for a beef burger and then EXTRA!!! for toppings like cheese and bacon, and many more. Lumberjack is unequivocally the best of the bunch.

First of all, when they say they ‘cook to order,’ they really mean it. Russians are sketchy about undercooking meat, and until the post-Soviet proliferation of western-style restaurants most beef was served…

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