Was Pushkin of African descent?

Very interesting and little-known fact about Pushkin. This blog has a great answer!

An Ethiopian Journal

SOURCE: http://cwo.com/~lucumi/pushkin.html

Pushkin was the Russian spring.  Pushkin was the Russian morning. Pushkin was the Russian Adam.”
A.V. Lunacharsky


From the most remote times there has existed in Russia people of African descent.  By far the most famous of all the Blacks in Russian history, however, was Alexander Sergeievich Pushkin–patriarch of Russian literature.  Born in Moscow on May 26, 1799, Pushkin was descended on his mother’s side from Major-General Ibrahim Petrovich Hannibal–an Ethiopian prince who became a favorite of Tsar Peter I (1682-1725).  Hannibal impressed Czar Peter “so well that he became a confidant and favorite, was revered at the court, and began the aristocratic Pushkin lineage.  In an unfinished work, The Negro of Peter the Great, Alexander Pushkin pays homage to his illustrious ancestor.”

Pushkin has been positively identified as the father of Russian literature, and composed in the Russian language at a time when…

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