Imaginary Moscow

In 1914, chocolate candy company Red October (then called Einem Group) issued postcards called “Future Moscow.” Here’s how they imagined Moscow in the year 2114.

This video by Russian space agency ROSCOSMOS shows what it would look like if celestial nebulas and stars were closer to Moscow, and bigger in our skies.

Photo credit: Roscosmos via
Photo credit: Roscosmos via

The Schusev State Architecture Museum did a visual campaign that imagines underground extensions of Moscow landmarks, iceberg style. It’s haunting and eerie in its beauty.

The mayor of the capital imagines the metro of the future to look something like this:
Moscow Future Metro
Next, Alexei Sobolevsky’s project “Moscow’s Metro Lines Come to Life” reimagines the metro lines as female forms.

Slavorum posted 1931 photos of Moscow that had been colorized, creating a lively contrast between people and places of the past and modern Moscow in our mind’s eye.
Moscow photos colorizedFinally, this architecture website features Moscow’s skyscraper district, Moscow City, and plans for its future.
Moscow city in the future

One thought on “Imaginary Moscow

  1. I. LOVE. THIS. It’s crazy how far people’s imagination can take them – and our world! BUT. That expanded metro map just gave me an anxiety attack… I want to go hide on a farm somewhere now.


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