Sports takes over Gorky Park!

Yesterday, my friend Vera and I took a car service to Gorky Park, then took our spots in a huge group of stretching, jumping, twisting, lunging, and smiling women. A 10-day sports and beauty extravaganza called N+TC Tour has kicked off in Moscow for the first time, and it is on until June 21st, 2015, when the Nike’s first Women’s 10k race ever in Moscow will close out the event.

The ones on the left side are the girls working out, the ones on the right are the fans…

Nike has flown in their motivating coaches to lead a packed schedule of yoga, dance, high intensity, and other classes.  Allure, Benefit, and Kynsi have sent manicurists, stylists, and makeup artists; Sekta, Vogue, and YogaJournal are giving classes and lectures. Participation is free of charge for all of the events except the race, the proceeds from which will go to charity.

We’re dancing in the sun, the music is blasting, it’s a huge party, and everyone is in sneakers. The aroma of nearby sugary ice cream waffles does waft towards us, but we are so pumped on the energy that we’re not even tempted.

 Pow! Me actually enjoying sports!
Pow! Me actually enjoying sports!

Crowds and mass events are usually a nightmare for me, but I was pleasantly surprised at Gorky Park. Everything at N+TC runs smoothly- check in and even coat check is done with a smile (in Russia, that’s news) and there is more than enough water, bracelets, sports classes, lectures, and manicure appointments for everyone. You do have to register at their site to join one of the class sessions;  there’s yoga, dance, high intensity, and more. Once you get there, if you want to get your makeup, hair, or nails done, you have to register for an appointment time.

Pow! My party sneakers!
Pow! My party sneakers!

How to find it: go to the entrance to Gorky Park, and it’s on the right-hand side by the water – you can’t miss the two huge structures they’ve put up. Vera and I stayed until the evening, and even had enough energy to walk home from the park! P.S. I’m thinking about going for the 10k, even if I do it slowly! Thousands of women are expected to run. It’s 500 rubles to register, and it goes to charity. Registration for the race closes on June 17th, 2015. You need to register with a Nike+ account and bring a doctor’s note. Here’s the race FAQ.

The class and lecture schedule

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