Moscow Eats: State-Sanctioned North Korean Food

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Koryo North Korean restaurant Moscow 1Where you can try traditional North Korean cuisine outside of North Korea? Now, how many of those places are in the “Western World”?

Well, one of them happens to be in Moscow.

Koryo North Korean restaurant Moscow 4Koryo (or Pyongyang Koryo), opened in 2010 and is Russia’s one and only North Korean restaurant. It is rumored to be officially sanctioned by the North Korean government [chills], rather than some…um…emigrants from the country, though I’m not sure if the NK leadership bothers with this kind of public diplomacy.

But – expected dark remarks about food in North Korea aside – is Koryo the real deal? Apparently – yes. Don’t take my word for it, but that of my friend and newly-baked Moscow expat Claire, who hails from South Korea, and whose family includes people from both sides of the DMZ.

Koryo’s menu is huge and features many traditional northern Korean delicacies, such as naengmyeon –…

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