How did people in the USSR really live?

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My Home RussiaHave you ever wondered how people in the USSR REALLY lived? The daily reality of an average Soviet person was equally removed from the extremes of the ebullient propaganda posters and grim tales of totalitarian oppression. And you can take a trip back in time and into the homes of “ordinary Soviet people” thanks to the permanent special exhibit of the State Museum of Contemporary Russian History, “My Home – Russia”  (Мой дом – Россия).

The exposition consists of some two dozen historical interiors (and sometimes exteriors), showcasing how the homes of people in Russia (particularly Moscow) have changed from the turn of the 20th century to  brink of the 21st. It starts with the pre-Revolution peasant huts and goes through the communal apartments and factory workers’ dorms of the 1930’s through 1950’s, onto the construction boom and new, individual apartments that followed, shows how consumer appliances such as vacuum…

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