How do you use the Regional Express trains out of Moscow?

Dacha season used to mean bumping along the Russian countryside on a wooden bench inside a green metal train car that smells of hangover. That, or sitting in traffic to points West. Now, the Regional Express train service (REX) shuttles in five directions from Moscow, and it’s a significant upgrade.  

Names of stations along the way  are mostly translated to English. However, the schedules at the stations are not. The blue lines on the schedule denote the REX.  

The REX is significantly less frequent than the regular electrichka. These schedules list all the trains- some run daily (ежедневно) some only on weekends (по выходным), on weekdays (по будням), Saturday only (Сб). They list the origin station and then the destination.

The travel time is reduced due to fewer stops, but the train’s speed is pretty much the same as a normal one.

The seats are like the ones on the Aeroexpress,  and it seems clean. A snack cart comes around, too.

Your ticket looks like a little receipt. You need it to enter the station and sometimes to exit at your destination, so keep it.

The ticket is slightly more expensive than the regular one, but to me it is worth it.

Their website is but the English version does not work at the time of writing.
Some stations have ticket machines and some stations’ cashiers accept credit cards. This is promising. Look out for payment infrastructure to improve in the near future.

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