Where can you sell your stuff in Moscow?

Svoya Polka is a brick-and-mortar “yard sale” shop with two locations in central Moscow. You rent a shelf (or a clothes hanger) there and set the price for your stuff – they don’t charge other fees. One is near Tsvetnoy Boulevard (+7 929 631 6695)  and the other near Artplay (+7-985- 892-9885). There appears to be a waiting list at Artplay sometimes.

Prices to rent a shelf are broken down into categories:

1. Yard Sale items – used personal items. 420 rubles per week.
2. Handmade items – if you are a crafter or artist. 600 rubles per week.
3. Retailer – if you’re a reseller. 850 rubles a week. 
4. Clothes, shoes and accessories not on shelves are 10% of your price tag. 

Image from Svoya Polka's Facebook page.
Image from Svoya Polka’s Facebook page.

Free online listings can be had at https://www.avito.ru/ – the site requires you to register, then you can post 30-day ads. They use the freemium model, making money on extra services. *Requires Russian skills or a friendly Russian to help you. Tip: use a temporary number because sometimes spammers harvest phone number off the site.

If you have the patience, I have heard good reviews of www.meet-my-ex.livejournal.com – gets points for the snazzy name – a “friendly secondhand community.” It’s got a lot of guidelines, and it is moderated. I didn’t try it because it seemed tedious to read. Requires Russian skills or a friendly Russian to help you.

Of course, there’s always the old-fashioned way, using social networks. Or the forums at http://www.expat.ru . With the revolving door of foreigners, there’s a decent sized market for second-hand stuff. Earlier, I did a post on where to donate your stuff for a Goodwill-like solution.

Have you had a good or bad experience you want to share? Feel free to post it in the comments.

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