Theater (for) ALL – new culture hub online translates well

What’s on in theater in Russia? What’s the latest from the movers and shakers around here? Top Five lists galore?

This website, called Theater (for) All, fills a gaping void for theater-info-starved Muscovites and visitors to the capital. And they do so in the most delightful, satisfying way!

Since they are new, I won’t give them too much trouble for being Russian-only; I tested out the Google Chrome Translation f(x) and it works just fine.

I LOVE what these people are doing for the Moscow culture scene. In-depth interviews, photos, recommendations, even ticket booking. This is Moscow Culture’s hottest new startup publication. May it go from strength to strength!

You know what else is great? This totally gratuitous Top-5 Russian Actors in Uniform. Oh yeah.

Suffer through the spotty auto-translate grammar and extract the juicy info off this hot-off-the-griddle theater flapjack. 

Who votes for me convincing this amazing cultural hub to use Swordpen Translation Services to make their website available in fluent English and Mandarin to the millions of potential visitors per year in the capital?


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