Ess The-tick

Alison reviews a local restaurant like a pro.


I don’t understand whyanyonewould give theirrestauranta somewhat confusing, hard-to-pronounce name. Especially when the actual restaurant and concept are so straightforward.”Ess The-Tick” (pronounced:aesthetic) is the perfect example. It is around the cornerfrom our apartment and we have passed it too many times to count. It is always full yet I could never remember the name for the life of me. I kept saying “we should check this place out” but I didn’t even know what this place was. Until last night.We ran into friends on the street, just as they were leaving dinner. They said the love it and we had to go and take the 2 seats at the bar that they just vacated. We were lucky they wereavailable as it was packed both inside and outside. The restaurant is small and narrow yet cozy and warm.

Ess The-tick is Austrian and specializes in sausages. I don’t love sausages per…

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