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What kind of souvenir would you want from Russia?

If your preference runs more toward traditional crafts than Soviet paraphernalia, you will probably go for one of those wooden nesting dolls, or a bright babushka scarf. Almost anyone can conjure up the images of those two objects in their mind – that’s how strongly they’ve become associated with Russia. But can you think of any other traditional Russian objects? The world of Russian folk crafts is actually incredibly diverse. Here’s a rundown of 16 most notable styles and objects of Russian handicrafts, which run the gamut from functional to purely decorative.


MatryoshkaHow could I start this list with anything else?! This wooden nesting doll is as much a symbol of Russia as vodka (ugh) and red Kremlin walls. So, how far back do you think Matryoshka craftsmanship dates? A couple hundred years? 500? More? Actually, this young lady is…

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