Bike rentals are back today in Moscow – what to know.

Today, the first 150 bike share stations have been opened in Moscow.


Photo courtesy of Home &  Away blog
Photo courtesy of Home & Away blog

 How many: 1000 three-speed bikes today, 2700 by June 1st, 2015.

 Cost: first 30 minutes are free. The second 30 minutes are 30 rubles, and the next hour is 90 rubles.  Prices are the same as last year.

 The upsides: 25 of the bike stations accept parking payments. All stations have metro card top-up. Metro cards can be used for payment. Moscow doesn’t have spin classes for the homeless on its bikeshares – yet.

 The downsides: You have to register to use the bike system, and while this can be done right at the station, it can be confusing. Also, it is dangerous to bike in Moscow’s traffic. Boulevards and parks are nice for biking, but the dangers and the many underground passageways with shoddy ramps make biking in the city still a leisure pastime, not a substitute for a car or public transport.

 Bike rules on the metro: Starting today, April 28th, 2015, you will be able to take your bike on public transportation from 9:00 PM -6:00 AM. Outside of those hours, only collapsible bikes are allowed on the metro.

Read more: Yopolis did a nice job with pictures of the rentals in Moscow.


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