I almost died on broken steps in the city. Who can I yell at?!

The stairs of death pictured are about twenty meters from metro Smolenskaya, in central Moscow in January of 2015.
On January 26th, I decided to test out the city’s complaint portal, which is, of course, in Russian only at http://gorod.mos.ru/ 
Since I do know Russian, I created an account with this site using my work email, confirmed the account, chose an angry looking red “avatar” to represent my eternal chagrin (read: facepalms), and got to work.

The site and its mobile app allow concerned residents to file complaints about an exhaustive list of locations in the metropolitan area. Luckily, “stairs” is included on the list, which you will find at the end of this post.

 I selected the location of the problem on an interactive map, described the problem, and uploaded the required picture.

There are many rules listed for describing a given problem, point 1.3 stating that the text must be in Russian. Also, the rules note that although this is not considered official communication from a citizen to the municipal government, review of the message is guaranteed. There are sixteen reasons given for the possibility of the message being ignored, so let’s hope I haven’t violated the user agreement nor described more than one problem with the offending steps in the picture above. See for yourself:

The site tells me it will be 24 hours until my stairs complaint is processed by a moderator, up to eight days for an official response, and a week for me to “confirm,” whatever that means.

UPDATE: On February 4th, 2015, I received this response, translated from the Russian by Swordpen Language Services):

Dear User:

|The responsible government department has prepared a response and timeline to the problem described in your message, published at the Our City Portal (26.01.2015 14:55):
<<Dear User: Due to the sub-zero temperatures outside, we are unable to conduct the necessary repairs without disrupting the technical process of repairs. The repairs will be conducted by May 29th, 2015.>>
Message number 10609881.
The department will issue a follow-up message by the aforementioned date.
Thank you for participating in this project,
The Editors, “Our City” Moscow Municipal Government Portal

The following is a list of subjects of complaint with some illustrative examples in those categories.

1. Residential building courtyards (i.e. abandoned cars, black ice, too much snow, and 22 other items)
2. Apartment buildings (dirty entryways, broken stairs, illegal renters, cold entryways, et.al.)

3. Roads (holes, poor sidewalk quality, wrong signage installed, et.al.)
4. Clinics (unable to get an appointment, unavailable subsidized medicine)
5. Parks (general condition of park, illegal retail, et.al.)
6.  Street retail and grocery stores (expired goods, sanitary violations, et.al.)
7. Weekend markets (sales of illegal items, illegal locations, et.al.)
8. Summer cafes (illegal locations, et.al.)
9. Advertising space
10. Public transportation (poor condition, unsanitary conditions, off route)
11. Public transportation stops and stations (lack of garbage cans, et. al.)
12. Commercial construction (illegal construction, permit violations)
13. Construction sites (lack of information signage, lack of lighting at night, et.al)
14. Parking pay stations (broken)
15. Rented properties (zoning violations)
16. Infrastructure (illegal employment of foreign workers)
17. Social infrastructure (lack of access to those with limited mobility)

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