Gluten Free in Moscow?

Gluten Free ChoiceIt’s certainly difficult if you don’t speak Russian and are used to picking up your gluten-free bread at almost any supermarket back home. Not impossible, though!

There is a small contingent of health-conscious restaurants and shops, such as Fresh cafe and Jagganath (shop and cafe), a large number of online food retailers, and some brick-and-mortar supermarkets that carry gluten-free food.

The word for gluten-free in Russian is “bez glutena” spelled: без глютена.

StopGluten reviews all the gluten-free products in supermarkets Azbuka Vkusa, Auchan, Bakhetle, Deti, O’key, and Metro, with pictures and a note that says ‘санкции’ if the item is unavailable due to embargo.

The following is my own review of some online retailers.

Internet shopping is huge in Russia, and to my eternal chagrin, sites rarelyhave an English version.  However, there are usually a plethora of delivery and payment options available. Click on the names below if you want to go to the gluten-free section of these sites.

Organica (Supergreen) stood out for its gluten-free soy sauce, pasta sauces, and bread baking mixes. The site also has a real person on the other side of the customer service chat. This rep also spoke enough English to help me.

24Veg has some bread baking mixes and spaghetti.

MakMaster does not retail the products on their main site to individuals but runs an online shop which is reasonably well-stocked, specifically for bread. I liked the customer service chat that popped up when I used the website. The person spoke English well enough to answer my questions.

Easy Meal is a ready-made meal delivery service which allows you to search for gluten-free options, but the search function included some gluten-containing foods when I tried it.

Bio Market has a user-friendly website with a couple bread options, crackers and pasta.

Dietica lists food products by type listed alongside the quantity of items in each category and the names of the manufacturers. The selection is large and reasonably priced. They have a flat delivery fee.

Ortho seems to have a mostly out-of-stock selection, and did not pick up the phone.

Globus Gourmet is one of the most expensive supermarkets in Moscow and delivers from their online store, too. They carry some gluten-free products, but when I searched for без глютена, some products containing gluten popped up too. This is a search bar function problem.

Azbuka Vkusa is another supermarket with plenty of locations and an online store. They carry some pastas but no bread. Their search bar works for the term in Russian.

Valio has a comprehensive list of their gluten-free dairy products, which is everything but two types of yogurt. This is a Finnish company that manufactures in Russia, so they are still available in stores despite sanctions on European dairy.

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