Is it true that not all wine is legit in Moscow?

Here’s a tip for buying wine. If the back label on an imported wine is only in Russian, that means that it was brought here and bottled in Russia. In that case, u

Wine in Crimea
Photo Credit: Home & Away Blog

sually it’s fine but it can sometimes be a bit off.

Buy imported wine bottled overseas; you can tell by the original label on the back with a sticker over it in Russian, and an import hologram sticker on the back.

Try to get a discount card at wine shops like Vinoteka (imports via a reliable company called Simple) or Каудаль (Kaudal). They both have good stuff in a wide price range. Note that with the heightened ruble volatility, many importers have started setting their own exchange rate.

On the subject, there is a company called Wine Consulting that does wine tasting Wednesdays and has reasonable prices when buying for parties.

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