Review: Proper Vietnamese Food near Moscow’s US Embassy

A Korean friend of mine took me out to Синяя Река, (Siniya Reka, which means Blue River).  It was full for lunch, but we almost missed the unassuming sign to the basement restaurant. It’s been there since 2002, and despite the fact that the server spoke neither Russian nor English, we managed to order the most authentic Vietnamese meal I have had in Moscow. Most places attempt Asian menus and fall flat.

Ask me how much it cost us to eat two courses each a la carte plus tea? 1400 rubles. Business lunch is under 400 per person with a great selection of mains.

My friend’s shrimp summer rolls looked scrumptious (see for yourself) and I was happy with the vegetarian selection.

Unsurprisingly, we were not the only foreigners there. At 11 Novinsky Blvd, near the intersection of Arbat and the Sadovoye Koltso (Garden Ring), it’s an international area.

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