New-ish food hall on Arbat – review

It’s a small space compared to the cavernous, dingy Metellitsa casino that lurked at 21 Arbat St. for most of my lifetime. At first glance, it’s a riff on NY’s Food Hall by Todd English (in the basement of the Plaza).

The 21 (Arbat 21 to those in the neighborhood) is home to 24 cute stands serving mostly unhealthy, fried snacks such as felafel, crepes, and crispy spring rolls. Prices are moderate. It could benefit from adding a gourmet supermarket.

Packed at night, the 21 has a mix of bar and table seating.

 Good for:

*Their diverse lenten menu.
*Various spring rolls.
* Pretending you are not eating fast food.

Basically, the place is a mall food court with better decor, okay seating, fresh pasta, and a revolving macaron stand.

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