How many Americans does it take to make a Russian laugh?

When I’m constantly focused on the political and economic crisis around us in Russia, it usually seems like there is nothing much to laugh about. Luckily, I was reminded of the more amusing things in life when Emmy winning writer Judd Pillot sat down with me to share how he makes American comedy funny to Russian audiences. Check it out on Soundcloud:

Writer, producer, and director Judd Pillot has over twenty-five years experience in prime time comedy and film. An Emmy winner, and recipient of the prestigious Humanitas Award, Judd has run such hit shows as “COACH”, “Mad About You”, “Just Shoot Me”, “Eight Simple Rules”, “According to Jim”, “Something So Right,” and many others. He has also created numerous series and pilots. Judd’s projects are not limited to comedy. He wrote and produced the USA Network one-hour drama, “Operating Instructions,” and wrote the action thriller, “Us/Them.” Judd’s also worked in feature films, having written several screenplays.

 Judd also shared a link to his hilarious short film:

Judd Pillot
Judd Pillot

Serenity House – Trailer: (password: sh187)

Serenity House – Movie: (password: sh187)

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