What’s the deal with public transportation in Moscow?

Moscow has an effective, large, and clean metro system that includes beautifully appointed stations. The Moscow metro carries more passengers per day than NYC and London combined! Try to avoid rush hour, it can be packed.

You will save money on rides by buying a “Troika” card for 50 rubles which you can return for a refund, and you can use it on all of Moscow’s other public transportation. It currently costs 28 rubles per ride, irrespective of destination.

You can refill the Troika card by using the blue terminals in stations, but they are cash only.

You can go to a great site called RusAvtobus that gives you excellent point A to B directions using public transport in English.

The signage in the system is in Russian, so you if you don’t read Russian, just look up the Russian name of your station. It’s not that hard.

I hear that plans for English might be in the works; but regardless of when that happens, the system works well and is faster than driving through Moscow’s notorious traffic. 

I like the trolleybus system in the very center of town, and they generally run on schedule but don’t use the trolleybus if you are in a rush.

If you are new to Moscow and want to see the sights and get a feel for the city, you can get on the 10 or the “Б”  trolleybus anywhere on the garden ring and ride around the circle on a weekend day. It’s about 10 miles.

Originally posted on June 21st, 2014

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