How do I access wifi in Moscow?

black caviar ask sophie moscowMost cafes and restaurants will either have an open network or a password-protected one that you can access if you’re a customer. The password is usually the phone number of the place.

Most of the metro is covered, and if you have a Russian phone number you can register to use it for free.

Parks have surprisingly high wifi coverage, especially in Gorky Park and Sokolniki Park. Here is a full list of parks and their wifi coverage.

That’s it for the free options, but if you need 3G all the time, you can buy a local pay as you go SIM card and put it into a smartphone, then use it as a wifi hotspot.  It’s very inexpensive, the speed is good, and all of the carriers have these SIM cards.

For those who need 24/7 coverage on the go around town, YOTA 4G mobile modems are the best bet; but the priciest. It’s only worth it if you live here or are staying for a while.


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